Work at VCTF

Why Choose VCTF?

Some call it a Team, we call it a Family. We believe in our people. Private equity is all about people. Our employees’ welfare is our priority and we strive to inspire and motivate our staff. We invest and employ our best resources in creating a healthy working environment, job satisfaction, provide opportunities for learning and personal and career development. At VCTF, our main goal is to make you succeed and proud to belong to our family. We are a team of young professional but big at heart!


Equal Employment Opportunity

VCTF is an equal opportunity employer. We maintain a recruitment and selection system that does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, color, age, marital status, physical challenges and/or disability status. We practice and promote equal employment opportunity.


Skill and Experience Development Opportunity for Young Interns and Graduates

We promote human capital development through national service and internship opportunity programs for short (vacation internship) durations and extended period of one year for National Service for graduates from any tertiary institution within the country. These programs are tailored to prepare and sharpen participants for the future job market. The Trust adopts a full immersion approach to the execution of such programs in order to create mutual benefits for both the participants and the Trust. All participants receive full on- boarding exposure.

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities at Venture Capital Trust Fund.